Our Nutrition


What is Hunter Nutrition?

Hunter Nutrition is one of our affiliates, located in Brookston, IN, just 5 minutes from the farm. They offer a large array of livestock feed, grain, supplements, feed additives, premixes, minerals, Type B feed articles, animal health products and custom feed formulation. Jeff Hunter started the company almost 30 years ago. Today, Kyle has a large role in the business. 

Our Feed

The feed we provide as part of our boarding packages is formulated and produced locally by Hunter Nutrition. This means that we know exactly what we're feeding, where it came from and how it will benefit your horse(s). This is a huge benefit to our boarders and their horses and takes the guesswork out of what to feed. We will work with each owner on their horse's needs.

What if I have my own feed?

We know many owners feel strongly about the feed they currently have their horse(s) on. Although we would love owners to give our feed a try (it is included in all board packages!) we are happy to accommodate owners bringing in their own preferred feed.

Custom Feed Formulation

No horse is the same. Our horse feeds will provide all the nutritional needs of the horses we care for. However, we also offer custom formulation for those who may have a horse with very specific needs or if their owner is looking for a certain level of performance. Restrictions and minimal order applies. Please contact Kyle Hunter for more information on custom formulation.

Feeding The Retired Horse

As horses age, their dietary needs may change. Metabolism, breed, and size may mean your horse requires a little more help in maintaining good health. We have access to a full range of horse feeds and supplements, pre-formulated to ensure your horse gets just what he needs.