"Farmers don't work until the sun goes down, they work until the job gets done."

We love our farm. We love everything about it! That being said - we are ALWAYS going to be improving on what we have. Our primary focus is a safe, happy barn. 

Here are a few things we will be working on in 2020...

* Outdoor arena (approx 140x160) with drainage and quality footing.

* Wash rack/bathing area.

* TWO new fenced pastures.

* Climate controlled tack room with lockable tack lockers.

* Fully wireless security camera system.

We would love to have you visit. Come see what we have to offer and what we're doing to improve our facility!

The Facility

Stall Barn


Our large stall barn can accommodate even the largest of horses. Originally built for Belgians, our barn provides 3 sizes of stalls (12x12, 13x22 & 14x18). We also have 2 foaling stalls (mare care, layover and lay up available). The barn is fully equipped with an insulated, locking tack room & office. Crossties in each hall for easy grooming and tacking up. A minimum of 2 large exits per aisle for fire safety. Did we mention our farm is disease controlled? Each horse entering will be required to have current vaccines, negative coggins and be disinfected upon arrival (shallow pan, hooves onl



Our pastures are professionally managed, well maintained and cared for to ensure optimum grazing and forage. We currently have (2) 1 acre pastures and (3) 2 acre pasture. Horses will be turned out daily, in small groups, with consideration for our retirees versus younger horses we may have.

Dry Lot Paddocks


Our newly constructed dry lots include poplar board fencing and our large lot has a large overhang to escape the elements. This area is great for horses who cannot be on pasture, or during inclement weather.

Insulated Tack Room


Our tack room includes a lockable door. Boarders are welcome to bring their own trunks for storage as well! 

Insulated Office

Our insulated office is mainly for staff use, however, there is a sink with hot water available if needed.

We also have a variety of horse first aid products and supplies, in case boarders' need anything they may not have on hand.

There is a ''people'' first aid kit in the office as well.